雅思 IELTS 學術類作文分享|模版:地圖(九分劍橋書後範文

地圖 1  - 劍橋書後範文 9 分 

The map shows two proposed locations for a new supermarket in the town of Garlsdon.

The first potential location (S1) is outside of the town itself and is situated just off the main road to the town of Hindon, lying 12 km to the northwest. This site is in the countryside and would be able to accommodate a lot of car parking. This would make it accessible to shoppers from both Hindon and Garlsdon who could travel by car. As it is also close to the railway line linking the two towns to Cransdon (25km to the southeast), a potentially large number of shoppers would also be able to travel by train.

In contrast, the suggested location, S2, is right in the town center, which would benefit residents. Theoretically, the store could be accessed by road or rail from the surrounding towns, including Bransdon, but as the central area is a no-traffic zone, cars would be unable to park, and access would be difficult.

Overall, neither site is appropriate for all the towns, but for customers in Cransdon, Hindon, and Garlsdon, the out-of-town site (S1) would probably offer more advantages.

地圖 2  - 空間改變(動態)

The maps compare the current layout of a small town -Islip and its future development plan.

Currently, a main road is situated in the center of the town, stretching from the west to the east with some shops along both sides and two paths extended to the south from each end. At the end of each path is a school and a park, respectively. While the larger space in the southern area is used for housing, the northern area is covered by the countryside.

In the future, the main road would be converted to a dual carriageway, forming a circle loop around the central area with two entries at both ends and a path extending from the eastern end. Some new houses would be constructed at the end of the path. In the north, the countryside would be replaced by various infrastructure: a bus station, shopping center, and a car park, with a newly built pedestrian-only street to the south of this area. By contrast, in the south, only the park would change, reducing the size to half so that the west of it could be used for constructing new houses.

In summary, more public facilities would be constructed in the northern area, which can make people’s lives more efficient, and more accommodations could meet the needs of more residents.